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No Judgements.


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Reality is overrated. The real world forces humans to deny our desires. We’re told to do what’s “right” or we’ll be shamed for doing what’s “wrong.” But who decides where the line between right and wrong gets drawn? Rich old men who don’t live by the rules that they write for the rest of us.

A decade ago, I found salvation in an MMO called Otherworld. For two blissful years, it was the place I went to be myself. When that world met its untimely end, I swore I’d eventually find my way back. Now, advances in virtual reality and artificial intelligence have finally made it possible for me to return. This time, I’m inviting all of you to join me.

Everyone is welcome in the Company’s Otherworld. Whatever your desires, you’ll find a realm designed for people like you. There are no laws. No limitations. No judgments. In Otherworld, our only rule is that there are no rules.   

At the Company, we see reality as a cage. Our goal is to set humanity free.

Milo Yolkin, CEO, The Company


“Otherworld set me free.”

Milo Yolkin |  CEo

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Earlier this year, two thousand people purchased headsets that allow them early access to Otherworld. They're there right now, exploring, building, killing, and hoarding. We're keeping a close eye on the action and wiping out the few bugs that remain. Our early access players are helping us ensure that your Otherworld experience will be everything you've dreamed about. The reviews so far have been stellar. If you're one of the lucky few to have visited Otherworld, please send us your testimonial!


On October 31st, Otherworld will be available to all. Demand for gear may quickly exceed supply. Please add your name to our headset waiting list to ensure that you'll have everything you need to play!


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