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Savor the Thrill of the Kill in NASTROND

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Legends tell of Viking warriors overtaken by rage, with a lust for blood that couldn't be sated. Dressed in the skins of bears and boars, without the aid of armor or shields, they slaughtered all living beings that crossed their paths. The Vikings called these warriors berserkers. Even Rome's finest soldiers lived in fear of them.

The berserkers died centuries ago. But the desire to kill, maim and torture never disappeared. It remains inside every one of us, and now there's a place to set it free.

Nastrond offers the ultimate test of your wits and survival skills. In this realm you either kill or you die. There's nowhere to hide, no sanctuary to be found. Fight to the death with your weapon of choice or take on opponents with your own two hands. Those who survive will experience a sensation that was once lost to the ages.

Go berserk in Nastrond and savor the thrill of the kill.

“I swear I could feel the blood on my hands.”

jeremy gordon |  dallas, texas



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Some people want it alland they're willing to do whatever it takes to get it. If you're the sort who won't settle for anything less than everything, Mammon may be the realm for you.

Work your way up from lowly cave dweller to member of the masterclass. Stop at nothing to acquire the mansion, the riches, and the private army you deserve. Reach the pinnacle of success and you'll take your place in the Golden Temple where you'll live out your days as a god.

Only the fittest last in Mammon. But if you can keep your head, defeat a few pesky monkeys and avoid the cannibals, you'll not only surviveyou'll thrive!

“i'll never look at monkeys the same way again.”

georgia daly |  brooklyn, New york



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We designed the City of Imra as the Resort of the Future. It's the first port of call for all new Otherworld players. In Imra, you're free to indulge all those secret cravings you've been keeping carefully hidden. Most guests will discover a few new desires they weren't even aware they had! 

Tucked inside the cone of a dormant volcano, the temperature in Imra is always ideal. Each luxurious level offers a wide array of treats. Food, companionship, mind altering substances—anything you yearn for can be yours. Explore every level and spoil all of your senses. 

When you're ready to move to the next realm, the lovely Pomba Gira will select the one that suits you best. And if you ever need a break from the action, Imra will be waiting! If you can make it back alive, you're always free to return!

“nothing will ever erase what i saw in imra.”

steven ford |  san francisco, california


BUILD your own kingdom in imperium



Have you ever dreamed of running your own empire? Does absolute power turn you on? Do your fantasies involve crowds of adorning masses—whose lives are under your complete control?

If so, welcome to Imperium! Located at the edge of Otherworld’s scenic ice fields, the city is where aspiring despots, tyrants and totalitarians compete for domination. Here you’ll be able to build your own vertical kingdom. The higher your “castle,” the more serfs you’ll collect.  The more serfs you control, the more you’ll be able to build.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, of course. Ruling never is. One day you’re erecting a monument to your power—and the next you’re being thrown off the roof by a horde of angry peasants. To ensure your safety, make the peasants kneel before you. Or send them to wreak havoc on a neighboring kingdom. Watching your neighbors fall is half the fun! 


Michael youst |  atlanta, georgia


Test Your     Endurance in THE WASTELANDS



There’s not much to see in the Wastelands. There’s not much to eat or drink, either. And it’s best not to mention the bugs and the buffalo.

The Wastelands lie between Otherworld’s realms. Some are arid—others are swampy. All are thoroughly unpleasant for a very good reason. We’d rather you spend time your time in the realms.

As you know, there are no rules in Otherworld. If you want to wander the Wastelands, there’s nothing to stop you. It’s a great way to waste valuable energy. You may die multiple times before you find your way out. Lately the deaths have gotten fairly gruesome. But who knows, maybe that’s your thing. We’re not here to judge!

“There is  something   Seriously f-ed up about the wildlife there.”

jennifer hamilton |  princeton, New Jersey


watch your step on THE ice fields



A word of warning—you will get eaten if you set out across the Ice Fields. The giant bears have developed a taste for avatars. And there are things hiding below the ice that don’t want your company. They’ve been known to feed players to the beasts that swim in the frigid seas. It is not a pleasant way to go.

The Ice Fields are cold, miserable and impossible to survive. Best to keep your distance, we’re afraid.

“TRUST ME. the BEASTS Under the ice aren't screwing around.”

martin jones |  london