interests: hording and homicide

"I've been kicking ass in Otherworld for two weeks straight. My advice? Spend a few extra bucks for the good haptic gloves. Stock up on protein shakes and Depends. And stay the hell out of Mammon. Anyone I catch is going to get fed to my neighbor."



interests: murder and mutilation

"The trick is building the ideal avatar. A lot of dudes, their first instinct is to go with one that look like the Hulk on roids. Idiots. The perfect killing machine is always short, fast and wiry. Brute strength ain't gonna get you nowhere but dead in a place like Nastrond."



INTERESTS: gambling and methamphetamine

"I used to waste money and time on trips to Las Vegas. And believe me, what happens in Vegas does NOT always stay in Vegas. Otherworld? That's a different story. No one in Imra cares what I do. Usually because they're doing something a whole lot worse. And I don't need to buy a plane ticket to get here."